Why choose us

I believe there’s a primary reason, above all others, why my clients choose me as their Independent Financial Adviser and that’s the personal relationship with all my clients.

There are of course other reasons too:

 Independent Financial Advice

I believe that being an Independent Financial Adviser enables me to give the highest quality financial advice.

 I’m local

I was born in Coldstream, now live in Duns and work from my office in Berwick-upon-Tweed. Advising clients in a relatively small area means a reputation for high-quality, independent, financial advice, can be easily lost. I guard my reputation fiercely and work tirelessly to ensure it is maintained.


Being a local lad means I understand the people who hail from the same villages and towns that my family and I do. I understand your financial problems, because they are my problems too. It just happens to be my job to solve them!


I only work with certain types of clients, typically those 20 – 30 years either side of retirement. That means they are either planning to retire in the future, want to retire now, or have already stopped work.


I’ve worked in financial services for nearly two decades, that experience, more recently as an Independent Financial Adviser, benefits my clients in a whole range of ways.

 My support team

My clients value the relationship they have with me, but that wouldn’t be possible without my support team.